Whitevideo Ideas

In no particular order - just as thought up:

Process Concept series

  • Welcome to Agile EA
  • What problems does Agile EA solve?
  • What is Agile EA aiming for?
  • Logic behind the Phases
  • Logic behind the Iterations
  • Logic behind the Disciplines
  • Logic behind the Capabilities
  • Logic behind the Roles
  • Logic behind the workproducts

Architecting the architecture

  • Concerns, Viewpoints and Views
  • Defining the Workproduct landscape (meta-model)
  • Fractal nature of Architecture
  • Patterns in Architecture

Tool series

  • Modelling notation options
  • Modelling tool options
  • Three legs of EA

General series

  • Cost justifying Enterprise Architecture
  • EA - a Business or IT function?
  • Integrating your EA repository to CMDB


  • Project Triage
  • Managing Technology Lifecycles

Roles series

  • Enterprise Architect versus Solution Architect

Workproduct Series

  • Ontology discussion
  • Taxonomy discussion
  • Documenting the Technology basics
  • Documenting the Info System basics
  • Documenting the Business basics
    • Documenting / Modelling Principles
    • Documenting / Modelling Locations
    • Documenting / Modelling Stakeholders
    • Documenting / Modelling Business Actors
    • Documenting / Modelling Business Use Cases
    • Documenting Value Chains
    • Documenting Value Networks
  • Business Reference Model
  • Information systems Reference Model
  • Technology Reference Model
  • Modelling the Business Motivation using BMM
  • Defining a Services Catalogue
  • Roadmaps
  • Impact analysis

Future series

  • 3D immersable virtual reality models
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