Uma - Unified Method Architecture

Currently being merged with the SPEM standard.

Unified Method Architecture UMA

Meta-model: Method content and processes will be structured based on a formal meta-model. This meta-model will be documented with a comprehensive meta-model specification using MOF, UML diagrams, as well as an associated XML schema. The initial version of this meta-model has been derived from IBM's Unified Method Architecture (UMA, reference to UMA specification download to be added soon). UMA is an evolution of the current OMG industry standard Software Process Engineering Meta-model (SPEM) v1.1 integrating concepts from IBM Rational Unified Process, IBM Global Services, and IBM Rational Summit Ascendant. IBM and other OMG partners are working on making UMA, with improvements suggested by partners, to become SPEM 2.0. Two versions of draft specifications have already been submitted to the OMG as of November 2005. The initial exemplary tool implementation for EPF will be based on the first draft submission. As SPEM 2.0 stabilizes, it is expected to update the EPF to the final specification. The meta-model will be extensible through the usage of custom attributes and custom process elements as well as normal EMF extensibility mechanisms.

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