Identify And Implement Tools To Support EA

To do.


This Business Use Case / Capability describes a process to identify and implement tools to support enterprise architecture.

At some point it will become evident that the correct tools and repository will be of great value in containing, managing, controlling and storing the enterprise knowledge.

Often neither budget nor acceptance that specialised tools should be used to support EA, are made available until management realise tangible value and benefit from the practice.

However in the mean time a strategy to implement a central repository of information should be defined. Initially it may take the form of Visio, Word and an Access Database. In more advanced environments, existing modelling tools or database repositories or even the likes of portals could be used to gather and manage this information initially, until a formal EA tools is acquired and implemented.

Even EA tools leave a lot to be desired (currently), as there is no real agreement in the industry on the best way of managing the knowledge in the EA repository.



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