Epf Composer

EPF COmposer is the name of the Software Tool (Small System) that is the output of the open source Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Project.

It is a tool that has been built using the Eclipse IDE (and plug-in libraries) and compiled to produce the EPF Composer tool. You can either download the source and work with it, or you can download the compiled .exe and install it.

Once you run the EPF Composer tool, it allows you to build up various types of Process Web components.

You then Publish the configuration process you define. This generates and builds a set of static web pages that can be published locally from a directory or via a web server.

There are various things you can do at various levels:

  • You can load 3rd party components such as OpenUP and tailor or extend them to suit your needs.
  • You can define your own Plug-in components:
    • Base Plug-in Processes (stand alone) e.g. A Procurement Process.
    • Base plug-in processes (which could have 3rd party process plug-ins added to further extend it) e.g. COTS extension to a Procurement process.
    • Plug-in processes that add to any other base process plug-ins, such as OpenUP, XP, etc. e.g. AgileEA (in the future) could extend OpenUp, and use the Scrum and extend that.
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