Ea Goals

Why does EA exist? What are its primary goals?

  1. Connect business strategy to application systems - Connect business strategy to the IT system by providing an overall blueprint of the business processes, which is mapped to architectural patterns, core services, and application capabilities.
  2. Converge Enterprise Consistency - Improve the consistency across the enterprise by maintaining an inventory of current data schemas, process flows, and service definitions.
  3. Improve operational efficiencies - Improve operational efficiencies by reducing redundancy between systems and identifying components and systems that can be consolidated.
  4. Flexible IT capability - Ensure a flexible IT capability that can respond to changes in technology vendors and new/enhanced automation of business processes.
  5. Support Project portfolio management - Support project costing and prioritization by maintaining an IT portfolio, current and target architectures, and a roadmap for the transition.
  6. Provide stable infrastructure platform - Provide a stable, reliable platform of infrastructure and common services for the ongoing operation and development of systems.
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