Complex Workproducts

This is a list of Complex WorkProducts / Artefacts / Deliverables

Where by Complex we mean: generated from many different related Atomic Artefacts

Enterprise Context
Enterprise Model of Models
Enterprise Architecture Framework model
Enterprise Architecture Description (EAD)
Enterprise Architecture Organisation Context
Enterprise Architecture WorkProduct Model of meta-information
Enterprise Architecture Operational Process
Enterprise Architecture Roles
Enterprise Architecture Activities
Enterprise Architecture Artefacts
Business Architecture
Business Motivation
Means Mission Enterprise Business Mission
Course of action Enterprise Business Strategy
Information Technology Strategy
Information Systems Strategy
Enterprise Architecture Strategy
Information Systems Tactics
Enterprise Architecture Tactics
Directive Enterprise Business Rules
Enterprise Business Policy
Principles Principle
Agreed Principles for EA
Standards Agreed Standards for EA
End Vision Enterprise Vision
Desired Results Goals
Influencer External Enterprise External Influences
Internal Enterprise Internal Influences
Business Behaviour Process Enterprise Business Process Model
End-to-end Business Process
Business Use Case Model
Business Use Case
Business Rules
Supplementary Non-Functional Requirements
Service Business Service Model
Business Structure Industry Context Contextual Business Model
Domain Conceptual Business Domain Model
Organisation Business Organisational Structure Model
Location Business Location Structure Model
Function Business Functional Structure Model
General Business Architecture Description (BAD)
Business Security Business Security Model
Information Systems Architecture
Services Services Specification
Service Contract
Service Policy
Applications Software Architecture Description (SAD) or System Architecture Description (SAD)
Application Model
Application Integration Model
Application Requirements Model
Application System Use Case Model
Application System Design Model
Application Requirements Model
Application Implementation Model
Data Logical Data Model
Physical Data Model
Information Systems Security Information Systems Security Model
Technology & Infrastructure Architecture
Technology and Infrastructure Architecture Description (TIAD) or Technology Architecture Description (TAD)
Service Service Level Agreement
Service Capacity Model
Service Performance Model
Technology And Infrastructure Security Infrastructure Security Model
Software Application Deployment Model
Hardware Server Infrastructure Model
Network** Communications Network Model
General Business As Usual Artefacts
Business Case
EA Toolset
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