Agile EA Mission
  • Who: Anyone who has experience in Enterprise Architecture, Process and feels the need to get involved. (Potential Committers click here)
  • What: To collaborate on and deliver an open version 1.0 of the Latest Agile EA Release that can be viewed in web form on the internet and which can be downloaded in a plug-in form for people to extend, enhance and modify.
  • Where: Developed in the epf-composer tool and published on the website. Collaborated upon right here on this wiki.
  • How: Using the wiki and forum to exchange ideas and discuss issues. The author (and later others) using the EPF-Composer tool to generate the Agile EA Model.
  • Why: This will give us the starting point from which we can approach TOGAF and EPF and consider spawning a project to take it to the next level.
  • When: Ideally by the end of May 2007 May 2008 (but depending upon individuals committments this could be later. ie. No pressing issues.)
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